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CD Update:


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On September 25th, 2002, we went into McClear / Digital recording studios and had a blast recording 
"The Hockey Theme"

Too bad the word's overused, but it truly was 'awesome' to see so many great musicians in one place. Everyone had a common objective: to recreate a bit of history.

Nice article  in the National Post by Justin Smallbridge on  Oct-8-2002 (posted below).

Here's a blurb about the recording:

Since 1968, fans have wanted their own piece of Canadiana. Although an official CD release has been in the works for some time now, we've put a real push on it over the past year. We thank all our friends out there who've supported us. We've found your requests touching, and do hope you'll enjoy what we have in store.

Many efforts were made to bring you a performance that remains true to the original version that so many have asked for.

Dolores Claman, the original composer, was involved in every step of the recording as Executive Producer. Flying in from London, England to Toronto, it was inspiring for everyone to have one of Canada's finest composers with us. Acquaintances were renewed and... get this... three of the musicians were even on the original 1968 recording sessions! (Click here for a more in-depth biography of Dolores Claman.)

John Ciccone (producer) has completed final mixes and mastering. Then it's off for manufacturing. Distribution is currently not settled, but people are coming to us with exciting possibilities. What we'd really like to see is a system where some of the proceeds can also make their way to helping minor hockey and music education in Canada.

Rick Wilkins, one of the foremost arrangers and conductors in this genre was brought on board. Rick pulled together an all-star lineup of 21 of the best musicians around. Let's face it folks... it's a big, powerful song and it ain't that easy to play. But leave it to the pro players to nail it. Those trumpets were soaring!

With the original band charts from the 60's nowhere to be found, Rick meticulously transcribed from old recordings. It all came together in fresh, exciting sounds captured at a studio large enough to facilitate that energy.

We've listened carefully to your requests. Different 'versions' come and go, but it seems pretty much unanimous that any official release of "The Hockey Theme" should capture the spirit of the original. We agree! To us, that spirit has always been in the distinctive harmonies and melody lines, exciting syncopated rhythm, and powerful dynamics. We think you won't be disappointed.

Both the opening and closing arrangements were recorded. The opening is the punchy one as the show starts that many of us grew up with for decades. The closing is the march we heard at the end of the game all those years. It's got that very cool swing bridge that can bring a smile to just about any face... even if their team lost. 

John Ciccone

Dolores Claman
Executive Producer

Rick Wilkins Conductor;

CD Who's Who:

Composer/Executive Producer - Dolores Claman

Producer - John Ciccone

Conductor/Orchestrator/Arranger - Rick Wilkins 

Original Orchestrator/Arranger 1968 - Jerry Toth

Bass Guitar - Scott Alexander

Bongos - Peter Appleyard

Chimes - Mark Duggan

Drums/Percussion - Brian Barlow

Flute - Vern Dorge

French Horn - Nicole Alexander

French Horn - James McDonald

French Horn - Gary Pattison

French Horn - Joan Watson

Piccolo - Les Ault

Snare Drum/Claves - Andy Morris

Timpani - Roger Flock

Trombone - Al Kaye

Trombone - Bob Livingston ***

Trombone - Rob McConnell ***

Trombone - Ernie Pattison

Trumpet - Guido Basso ***

Trumpet - Dave Dunlop

Trumpet - John Macleod

Trumpet - Steve McDade

Tuba - Scott Irvine

Copyist - Martin Loomer

*** indicates musicians who also played on the original 1968 recording!

Remixing - John Ciccone / Peter Moore

Mastering - Peter Moore - The E Room

McClear / Digital Recording Studios (Toronto):

Engineer - Michael Banton-Jones

1st Assistant Engineer - Paul Talbott

2nd Assistant Engineer - Shawn Desmarais


'Dunt- da-DUNT- da-dunt ... ' 
Hockey Night theme, Canada's other national anthem, gets an official recording

Justin Smallbridge 
National Post

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Players and sponsors may come and go and the occasional contract dispute may flare up, but a few things about Hockey Night in Canada remain constant. Fights, of course. And its theme; it's been called the country's other national anthem. Even people who don't know the difference between a puck and a penalty box can sing it. It's such an integral part of life in this country that many people assume it's just always been there in the public domain, like air. And that surprises Dolores Claman, its composer.

"Questions were arising as to who even wrote it," she said. "It's hysterical to say, 'I wrote it,' and have people say, 
'Are you sure?' "

But she is and she did. Dolores Claman was one of the founders of Toronto jingle house Quartet Productions in the 1960s, following a graduate fellowship at New York's Juilliard School of Music and composing music for ballet and musicals (Timber!! was her first, Mr. Scrooge one of her most acclaimed). She wrote countless hours of music for commercials, movies and more. In 1967, she wrote the anthem A Place to Stand for the Ontario government's pavilion in Expo.

Despite the Hockey Night in Canada Theme's popularity, it's never been commercially available. There have been bootlegs and other unauthorized versions, but nothing legitimate, at least not until last week. That was when Claman came back to Canada from England, where she lives now, to record the definitive version of the piece in its entirety for commercial release.

Like a lot of important cultural touchstones, the theme began modestly, as another assignment for a very busy jingle writer.

"We'd done a lot of work for the MacLaren advertising agency," she said. "MacLaren was working on the graphics for the opening for Hockey Night in Canada. They wanted a theme."

Instructions were minimal. "Just, 'like an adventure theme,' " Claman recalled being told when she asked what kind of music was required. "From a composer's perspective, that's the best."

She had never played hockey when she got that assignment. She still hasn't. "I thought of all those guys with all their gear on -- very macho, very fast, like gladiators. I thought it should be very grand, with a lot of dynamics and excitement and machismo attached. I wanted to give that feeling."

The first thing she got, she said, was that opening riff -- "dunt-da-DUNT-da-dunt" -- the rhythmic pulse that runs all the way through the composition. She built the entire piece on that kernel.

"I'm good at big melody; melodies with big spaces in them, big leaps. That's what they tell me, anyway." And her heroic swing-time march has plenty of those.

Trumpeter Guido Basso showed up to record the new, definitive version. He's played on every version of the tune, including its inaugural recording in 1968. "It's not technically demanding," he said. "It's a pleasure to play."

At the initial 1968 session, Basso said, most of the musicians figured the number would last a season or two, not more than three decades. "But each agency wanted to re-record it with their own studio and their own people and change it a little." But the melody stayed the same, and Claman always held the copyright, which led to this newest version.

Nine years ago, music copyright specialist John Ciccone tracked her down for clearance to use the theme. "I had no idea there were unauthorized versions of it," she said. There have always been inquiries about the rights to the theme for everything from wedding marches to graduation ceremonies, bar mitzvahs and more. One man wanted to play the theme to encourage his wife during labour.

Initially, Ciccone and Claman figured they'd meet that demand by tracking down the 1968 master, sweetening it, cleaning it up sonically and putting it out on CD. Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found.

"It's in a vault or lost or destroyed," Claman said. "I have a snippet of tape, John was able to find a few other bits and pieces of it. But the master can't be found. One morning I woke up and thought, 'Why don't we just record it again from scratch?' The original was an eight-track recording. The technology's so much better now anyway, it just made sense." The arrangement was pieced together by Rick Wilkins, who reconstructed it by listening to those snippets of tape and writing new charts.

Once that decision was made, there was never any question about cutting the piece anywhere but Canada. "You'd have to have Canadian musicians," Claman said. "Nobody else would have the feel or know how it was supposed to sound, no matter how technically proficient they might be."

The session was booked for a studio on Mutual Street in Toronto, coincidentally in the same building that housed one of the first offices of Claman's jingle company in the 1960s.

"When I got called for that, I would've done it for free," Joan Watson, who plays French horn, says of being booked for the new Hockey Night in Canada recording session. "To me, it was history-making. I grew up with that tune, and where I grew up in northern Manitoba, hearing that music linked us to the rest of the country. So to do that remake with Dolores Claman right there -- it was just incredible. I was thrilled to bits. I wore a hockey sweater, and all the legends were there -- Guido Basso and some of the other guys on the original session.

"It probably helped that we all knew it from the original, because they were trying to get that feel. I think I know that tune in my cells. It's just part of being Canadian."

After years of working with often jaded session musicians fazed by nothing, Claman was surprised by the players at the recording of the theme's definitive version. "After we were done, I went into the studio to thank them all -- they were just superb. They applauded me. That's the first time in my life that's ever happened. I was so moved."

© Copyright 2002 National Post



Click here for press release issued by Environics.

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Cell Phone Ringtones:

We should have another exciting announcement soon. Our friends in Canada and the U.S.A. should soon be able to download the ringtone right here on our website.

If you like, you can flip us an email by clicking: and we'll keep you posted on new developments in this area.

Otherwise, check with your cell phone carrier and ask them if they offer the ringtone to their customers. 

Our New CD Release info is here. (Perhaps the CD could tide you over a bit if you're waiting for the ringtone.)

It has stood out considerably in number of downloads compared to available song titles combined, and those Samsung handsets are extremely popular too. Thank you for your support!

Our emailer award goes to Lawrence 'down under'. He wrote: 

"Just read your article... while searching for the Hockey Night in Canada Theme ringtone! I am ANOTHER homesick Canuck in Australia! If you do manage to convert the song for mobile phones, PLEASE drop me an email!"

- Lawrence



Many of our Canadian friends have requested this. But we're still surprised by the number of kind people who take the memory of the song wherever they go. The technology needed to make it available to our homesick Canadians outside of the country is unfortunately difficult and expensive at this time, but we're not giving up!

If you like, you can send email to: and we'll try to keep everyone posted on new developments in this area.

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CBC School Band Contest (2001):
Congratulations to the winners and a big 'thank you' to all who participated.

Results of the contest were posted at:

It was exciting to hear Canada's musicians
perform the song so well!

Will Sinclair High School, Rocky Mountain House, AB
New Westminster Secondary School, New Westminster, BC

Mother of Pearl, Vancouver, BC
Johnson, Toronto, ON



Appleby College

Oakville, ON

Burnaby North

Burnaby, BC

Catholic Central High School

Windsor, ON

Eastview Middle School

Red Deer, AB

Humberside C.I.

Toronto, ON

Lawrence Park C.I.

Toronto, ON

M.M. Robinson High School

Burlington, ON

Markham District High School

Markham, ON

Monsignor Paul Dwyer Band

Oshawa, ON

Nelson High School

Burlington, ON

New Westminster

New Westminster, BC

Northern Secondary

Toronto, ON

Sir Oliver Mowat

Scarborough, ON

St. Michael's College

Toronto, ON

Will Sinclair

Rocky Mountain House, AB



Brockville Lions Steel Band

Brockville, ON

Bruce Laing

Toronto, ON

Cedar & Spruce Guitar

Maple, ON

Citations 2000

Trail, BC

DJ Aptitude

Calgary, AB

Dominic Giovinazzo

Toronto, ON

The Etobicoke Youth Band

Etobicoke, ON

Jeremy Gillies

Ottawa, ON


Toronto, ON

Mike Ayotte

Fort Macleod, AB

Mother of Pearl

Burnaby, BC

Nathalie Boudreau

Halifax, NS


Burnaby, BC

Steve Clements

Vancouver, BC

Toby Carroll

Vancouver, BC


HONOURABLE MENTIONS (alphabetically):

School Band Category

Open Category

Arnprior District High School
Arnprior, ON

4 Sirs and a Miss
Scarborough, ON

Ascension of Our Lord
Calgary, AB

537 Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron - Gander, NF

Austin O'Brien
Edmonton, AB

Accordion Player and Friends - Calgary, AB

Balmoral Jr. Secondary School
North Vancouver, BC

The Anatomy Cats
Edmonton, AB

Beaconsfield Jr. High School
St. John's, NF

Angus Armstrong
Ottawa, ON

Beechy and Lucky Lake Schools - Lucky Lake, SK

Barking Mad Bush Band
Ottawa, ON

Bellerose Composite High School - St. Albert, AB

Celtic Puckers
Roberts Creek, BC

Bluefield High School
Hampshire, PEI

Crystal Park Drum Ensemble
Grande Prairie, BC

Bluevale Collegiate
Waterloo, ON

Danny Jordan
Meadow Lake, SK

Britannia Secondary School
Vancouver, BC

Darryl Hillock
King City, ON

Caledon East Public School
Caledon East, ON

Dave Ranson/Russ Barton
Victoria, BC

Chilliwack Secondary School
Chilliwack, BC

Guy Lafleur's Button Box
Toronto, ON

Country Day School
King, ON

Hillbilly Hockey Club
Calgary, AB

Dakota Collegiate
Winnipeg, MB

Hockey Hype in Canada
Toronto, ON

East Elgin Secondary School
Aylmer, ON

I Tromboni
Vancouver, BC

Elkford Secondary School
Elkford, BC

Isle Sisters
St. John's, NF

H.J. Cambie Secondary
Richmond, BC

Justin Cassidy
Kitchener, ON

Hastings School
Winnipeg, MB

Kevin Ross
Winnipeg, MB

Holy Cross Secondary School
Surrey, BC

Mary & Michael Watson
Brampton, ON

Holy Rosary High School
Lloydminster, AB

Maureen Desmond
Kelowna, BC

Hope Secondary School
Hope, BC

Pacific Sport Aquasonics
Surrey, BC

Hopewell Avenue Public School - N/A

Pandora's Vox
Toronto, ON

Hudson High School
Hudson Heights, QC

Reckless Abandon
Oshawa, ON

J.L. Crowe Secondary School
Trail, BC

Rodney Dean
Edmonton, AB

J.S. Woodworth Secondary School - Ottawa, ON

Saskatoon Community Wind Ensemble - Saskatoon, SK

Kenora School
Kenora, ON

Shaun Weima
Collingwood, ON

Maidstone High School
Maidstone, SK

Thursday Night Jazz
Regina, SK

Mark Isfeld Senior Band
Courtenay, BC

Edmonton, AB

Mayfield Secondary School
Brampton, ON

Woodwind Quintet
Kitchener, ON

Milliken Mills High School
Markham, ON


Montessori House of Children
London, ON


Outlook High School
Outlook, SK


Prince Edward Collegiate
Picton, ON


Rick Hansen Secondary School
Mississauga, ON


Robert H. Lagerquist Public School - Brampton, ON


Saskatoon East School Division #41 - Saskatoon, SK


Saugeen District Secondary School - Port Elgin, ON


Sir Winston Churchill Public School - Nepean, ON


South Central
Saskatoon, SK


Southwood Secondary School
Cambridge, ON


St. Robert Catholic High School - Thornhill, ON


Swift Current Comprehensive High School-Swift Current, SK


T.A. Blakelock High School
Oakville, ON


Trochu Valley School
Trochu, AB


University of Western Ontario
London, ON


W.C. Eaket Secondary
Blind River, ON


William Armstrong Public School - Markham, ON


Zion Heights Junior High School - Toronto, ON



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